Help Us Curate Our Story! Submit Your Projects for ASID NY Metro Instagram Feed

ASID NY Metro needs your help with social media content! We would love to help promote your work online.  

Please follow these guidelines for submissions carefully:

1. Submit all content on our website: Submit Here

2. We need a steady stream of high-quality photos from beautiful projects that you feel represent you optimally. An effort will be made to display projects from a wide variety of members.

3. Include a brief caption, 50 words or less, that describes the photo and includes your name and location. 

4. Optionally, include any relevant "hashtags" (these are based on words that people use when they search for a topic), your Instagram handle and attributions (e.g. photographer credit). The most important parts are your name and anything you want to say about the project.

Example: For this Upper east side client's cozy modern kitchen designer [designer name] focused on softer tones of GOLD and blue. Shot for by @myphotographer #NYCMETRO  #interiordesign

(The # sign includes the post in other Instagram feeds that the topics are relevant to, while the @ sign sends a notice to a specific account, alerting them to the post).

Please follow #ASIDMetro on Instagram to keep in touch with our progress!

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