May 2024 Chapter Meeting Recap

Design Experts Reveal: All the Things  You Can’t Learn in School

The "Design Experts Reveal" event at Vermont Quarries was a major success, bringing together over 20 seasoned professionals from the interior design industry to share invaluable insights and hot tips. The evening was a blend of fun, networking, and learning, featuring a visual scavenger hunt featuring Vermont Quarries stone and a raffle with enticing prizes from Vermont Quarries and Eataly. From navigating contractor, client, and vendor relationships and tips for career growth, to general good advice, the event provided attendees with practical knowledge that transcends textbooks, ensuring that both novices and seasoned professionals left with valuable new insights to elevate their craft. The evening received rave reviews and fostered a sense of mutual support and camaraderie. A big thank you to our sponsor Vermont Quarries, whose gorgeous stone made a stunning backdrop to the event, as well as to all those that shared their nuggets of wisdom during the evening. Below is just a sampling of some of their wise words. 

"Your design talents are important but your communication skills will trump them every time. If you cannot effectively communicate with your clients and vendors – your designs cannot be realized with full intention." - Phyllis Harbinger

"Just because it looks good on paper doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 100% in real life. You need to always walk through the space and envision how it needs to function."- Lindsay Sheroda

"When specifying products ask questions, you can never know enough about your client. i.e. they might want a rain showerhead in their bathroom, but you know they color their hair and it might not be a good fit." Brian Gallop

"Remember your client's birthdays, anniversaries, favorite coffee order, vacation spots, kids and dog names, so they feel "seen" and that you know and understand your client."- Elissa Grayer

"Never speak for other people. Never promise what is outside of your control. Make sure you are completely clear and effective in your communication. For example: “The supplier tells me that the bed will be delivered in 12 weeks” is better than “The bed will be delivered in 12 weeks." - Benjamin Huntington 

"Time is Money - know your own value." - Kim Radovich 

"Be resilient and keep your perspective: It truly isn't life and death. " - Ellen Fisher 

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