Student Member: Destiny Bates

Member Spotlight

February 2018

Destiny Bates is an undergraduate student at New York Institute of Technology who has already begun to take master’s courses. She will graduate in Spring 2019 from the BFA/MBA program with a concentration in Design Management. Destiny draws inspiration from diverse places including fashion, art and music. She thinks that being a designer is a precious role in society. “We create interiors which people live in, experience events and create memories,” says Destiny. “This personal approach to design reflects who I am as a person. I believe everyone has an ethical and moral responsibility to contribute their skill to the world, my being through design.” Destiny credits her confidence and success to her supportive parents who always taught her to work hard, stay genuine and follow her passions. 

Tell us what’s new with Destiny Bates.

I am delighted to say that I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at New York Institute of Technology, graduating in the Spring of 2018. I’m currently in full thesis mode! I am both nervous and excited to soon complete this degree, leading into a new chapter of my life. Although I will be completing my undergraduate degree, I have begun to take courses to obtain a master’s degree. I’m currently enrolled in the Interior Design 4+1 BFA/MBA program with a concentration in Design Management. My anticipated graduation is Spring 2019.

Where do you find your inspiration for school projects?

My inspiration stems from diverse and various places but just about all of them can be traced back to three pillars: fashion, art and music. I have a strong passion for fashion, which is where a substantial portion of my sourcing comes from—from the structure of a garment to the material combinations, all of which are highlighted and exposed through fashion photography. Another significant source of inspiration comes from a multitude of various [styles of] art. The expression of ideas through any platform is influencing in and of itself. All art plants a seed in your mind. I pay special attention to this process and allow these seeds to grow. The third major influence is my love for music. Music helps the inspiration and working process. It sets the perfect mood to what I am designing. 

What is the best advice that you were ever given?

I am fortunate to have supportive parents who have always taught and advised me to work hard, stay genuine and most of all always stay true to myself and follow my passions. This may sound a little cliché, but it is truly the advice I was built on.

How have you been building your resume while still in school?

I have always taken my academic career seriously, primarily focusing on my studies which has helped build my resume. I was able to study and grow from a variety of amazing professors who became mentors. One resume-building component I was able to take advantage of while in school was entering into competitions and scholarships. I was fortunate enough to win multiple, which helps build my resume. This includes the ELF Education Legacy Fund Scholarship, Friends of Arch & Design Scholarship, NEWH New York Chapter Scholarship and, most recently, I won first place in The Decorators Club Educational Fund, Inc. Annual Scholarship Award. I am so honored and grateful for these achievements.

Tell us about your favorite new trends, materials, practices, software, etc.

There are so many new and changing trends. Something I am interested in is personality— design that applies to you. I believe that when creating an elegant and sophisticated space, the finishing touch in a chic design is the materiality. I love a monochromatic pallete that layers materials of different textures, patterns and prints. This will always be a trend and to me it is actually a classic staple. I believe the notion of the “trend” adds new accents, through changing and adding materials and colors. Some of which right now are natural palettes and matte black, to the mix of raw surfaces and smooth, from see-through concrete to polished marble. 

How has being an ASID member helped you?

Being an ASID member has exposed me to diverse people, places and events within our industry. This is extremely beneficial to someone like myself who is entering the field. One event I attended through ASID was the Kravet Textile Design Student Challenge. I have attended for the past two years, and each was an amazing experience. The all-day process was intense, fast paced, educational, nerve-racking, fun and an overall amazing experience. I was fortunate to be a part of an amazing group each year, compiled of students and a mentor. During both events my team and I were lucky to win first place, having our textile printed and upholstered. This was an exciting and rewarding experience. 

What are your plans after graduation?

Graduation is approaching, and the job search will be beginning soon. My past experiences thus far have led me to desire a future in the retail and hospitality fields. However, I’m excited for new opportunities and experiences to continue to mold my niche within the design industry. With so many avenues in this industry, I am open to a multitude of fields because I know that within each there is something to be learned. 

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