Emerging Professional: Indira Lourenҫo

Member Spotlight

October 2017

Originally from Luanda, Angola, Indira has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the New York School of Interior Design. She founded I LOU Design upon her graduation and has been featured in established publications like Interior Design Magazine, Surface Magazine, Modern Luxury Magazine, and Chocolate Magazine. Her design style is sleek, soulful and contemporary. In addition, she has found an outlet for her creative expression in a style blog, “My Strong Desire”, about fashion and art, interiors and architecture.

We sat down with her to talk about her work and experiences and asked her to share some insights.

Tell us what is new with I Lou Design Corp.

In fact, quite a lot. Beyond interior and furniture design, I LOU Design Corp is now producing photorealistic renderings and virtual staging for developers, realtors, engineering firms, interior designers, and building owners. It’s just as rewarding to bring someone else’s conceptual vision to life, especially when it helps them make a sale or secure funding for a project.

How did you find inspiration for your newest projects?

I can find inspiration from anywhere and anything, but if I had to narrow it down - my travels, museums, and fashion are the biggest influencers.

What character traits helped you attain your success in Interior Design?

I think my upbringing gives me a unique vision and sensibility that lends itself to work that stands out. Creativity is one thing but it needs a driving force behind it, which I believe I have in spades. Finally, creativity and passion are great but they are grounded by my professionalism that ensures that the business side is organized and reliable.

How do you keep up with new trends, materials, practices, software? Any that you'd like to share?

ASID, Interior Design Magazines, and peers that inspire me are the main reasons I am able to keep up with an industry that never slows down for anyone.

Should one ever say NO to a job?

It depends. I am a positive person and believe in my ability, so there aren’t too many reasons why I would turn down a job. I think well-being is very important though and if someone else feels that the job is going to take away from their happiness instead of adding to it, then maybe they shouldn’t take it. We’re all different in that regard.

How has being an ASID member helped you?

The guidance and opportunity to learn from my membership has helped me shape my business.

What would you be, if you weren't a designer?

If I wasn’t designing interiors and furniture…I would definitely be designing fashion. Sorry, I’m a designer from top to bottom.


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