Industry Partner: Alison Wittenmyer of Steelcase

Member Spotlight

November 2017

Tell us what is new with Steelcase.

Steelcase has recently announced several celebrated business partnerships. Our new partnerships with Microsoft, Blu Dot, Floss, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (MG + BW) have been implemented into our New York Worklife Center in a masterful way. Products from these manufacturers have been integrated into our showroom to provide an amplified experience and inspiration to the design community.

What has been the number one selling product for Steelcase?

Of the recent changes in our showroom, there has been the most attention around our new signature Creative Spaces. These are 5 intentionally designed work environments that highlight how space and technology can be integrated to support the most innovative ways of working; no matter if you are working side-by-side or across the globe. There are three guiding design principals taken into consideration with these Creative Spaces; building a fluid ecosystem of technology, designing for creative confidence, and creating an emotional connection.

Where does the inspiration come from for your new product lines?

Each product line has its own unique story and inspiration rooted in the research and insights that guide the product design process. We always take on a user center design approach taking note of the experience of the end-user. Many of our current offerings are supporting the reality that the growth of powerful personal technology enhancements and escalating globalization and are leading to constant interconnectedness.

How do you keep up with new trends, materials, practices, software?

Steelcase has a global research team called Workspace Futures. They take charge of leading research efforts within the work experience focusing on the now, near, and the far. This team publishes primary research in our bi-annual 360 Magazine. We also regularly partner with leading research companies to validate and extend our breadth of research.

How has your experience as an ASID Industry Partner helped you?

Being an ASID Industry Partner is an ongoing and deeply rooted celebration with Steelcase. Within the New York market, there are always engaging events that lead to shared inspiration and a vibrant growing network of talented professionals.

What can we look forward to seeing from Steelcase?

At Steelcase we believe in constant change and iteration and this is reflected in our space. Along with the constant new products being highlighted in our showroom, look for the infusion of design thinking into our showroom strategy.


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