Student Members - Pratt Institute Chapter

Member Spotlight

March 2018

text by Lucy Wang, Student Representative to the Board, ASID NY Metro Chapter

We have a very active ASID NY Metro student organization at Pratt Institute. We hold bi-monthly club meetings and board meetings, alternating between the two. We have also been teaming up with IIDA members who are mostly graduate students, and this creates a dynamic atmosphere. Our two most successful events so far have been a guest speaker and a behind-the-scenes tour. Our guest speaker Allan Wexler shared his career path and answered questions about his diverse artwork in all fields. The tour was held at the flagship store of Design Within Reach, where we learned about the history of their high-end furniture collection representing many designers. We are excited about planning more events for our student members in the future. We also enjoy attending NY Metro events where we love learning more about the industry and meeting designers from other student chapters.

Sara Thomas, Co-President:

"ASID has given me the opportunity to attend informative events that help further my education in design, and allow us to share these experiences with fellow interior designers."

Michelle Olivo, Co-President:

"ASID has helped us created a supportive community and platform to represent interior designers on campus."

Megan Dang, Treasurer:

"Being a part of an ASID chapter has helped me grow as a team player and allowed me to surround myself with like-minded people."

Kelli McGrath, Administrative Assistant/Student Rep.:

"As a freshman, I am so appreciative of all the opportunities I have already had thanks to ASID, and I can’t wait for the many more to come."

Anthony Miksad, Event Coordinator:

"I really want to plan events that allow our members to become fully immersed in the design community!"

Hannah Strickland, Graphic Designer:

"ASID enables me to explore design in ways I could have never imagined!”