Student: Yu-Hsiang Fu

Member Spotlight

September 2017

Growing up in Taichung City, Taiwan, Yu-Hsiang was deeply influenced by his older brothers whose professional achievements served as a motivational example for him. He started his design journey as an Industrial Design student at Chang Gung University in Taiwan. However, his fascination with daily objects and their effect on people’s lives was soon replaced by a strong curiosity about interiors. After working for two and half years at a high-end residential and retail design firm in Taiwan, Yu-Hsiang applied to NYSID’s Master of Fine Arts (Post-Professional) in Interior Design program which he graduated from in May, 2017.

Yu-Hsiang completed internships at Input Creative Studio and multidisciplinary firm AVROKO. He is currently employed at Mapos Studio as an interior designer responsible for the retail design projects of the studio. His next step is to get involved in a variety of interesting projects and hone his film and photography skill. 


What is the best advice that you were ever given?

I was given the most impactful pieces of advice by my mentor and by my brother. They once told me - “Decide that your desire for something is stronger than your fear of it.” and “Opportunities come to those who are prepared”. Although they sound simple and probably a bit cliché, they keep me strong when I am faced with challenges. These powerful words help me set my goals even if they might seem unattainable at first.

How do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the street, exhibitions, magazines, photos that I have taken and from Pinterest. I collect and categorize all images in separate Pinterest boards. That becomes a substantial database with more than 15 thousand images that keeps growing.

How have you been building your resume while still in school?

I'm always interested in attending events, workshops and competitions. I see them as opportunities to build and enhance my resume. While working on school projects, I like to push the boundaries and challenge myself to think outside the box. As a result, I became the Grand Prize Winner of the ASID National Student Portfolio Competition. My projects demonstrated fresh and unique ideas that amazed the professors, jurors and interviewers. Moreover, I got an internship at a leading hospitality design firm and several other interview opportunities.

What are your favorite new trends, materials, practices, software, etc.?

I’m interested in the new trends that are currently transforming retail design, including the connection between the online and the physical store and the new technologies used to enhance shopping experience such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AL (Artificial Intelligence).

How has being an ASID member helped you?

As an ASID student member, I attended several ASID events and competitions so I could connect with various industry members and peers, and work on building my brand and reputation. I was impressed by the Student Portfolio Review Events, which helped me gain valuable advice from the mentors. Furthermore, as the Grand Prize winner of the ASID Student Portfolio Competition, I got the opportunities to network with leading manufacturers and professionals during the ASID Awards Gala, the SCALE student summit event and a tour of Hansgrohe’s headquarters.

You have already graduated and have found placement in an interior design firm. What comes next?

First, as a designer at Mapos Studio I am striving to implement what I have learned through the course of my Master’s degree and demonstrate my abilities and the value that I could bring to the company. Second, I will keep attending ASID events so I could expand my connections with more professionals which could bring me even more opportunities. Finally, I would like to further my knowledge and get involved in different types of projects such as industrial design, exhibition curating, photography, and projects that bring people with different backgrounds together.


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