2023 ASID GATHER in LA: A Confluence of Design and Impact

This year's ASID GATHER, held in Los Angeles, was not just a regular design event. It was a magnificent blend of learning, celebrating, and envisioning the future of interior design. The atmosphere was electric, with design professionals from all over the country to share, learn, and honor the best in the business.

A highlight of the conference was when our ASID NY Metro chapter was honored with the 'Community Impact of the Year' award. This accolade, given for our touching initiative "Designing Hope: The Ronald McDonald Showhouse in Westchester," underscores the transformative potential of design in the real world. Design is more than just visual appeal; it's about crafting environments that radiate warmth, solace, and optimism, particularly for those in need. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the designers involved in last year's event, showcasing the beautiful spirit of designers making a difference.

We were elated to have both our current and incoming board members present at this three-day design experience. Immersed in a plethora of enlightening sessions and inspiring dialogues, the conference proved to be both educational and celebratory. It was an opportunity to look back at our achievements, learn from our peers, and chart out the path for the future.

The excitement emanating from the event was palpable, especially as we edge closer to a new term. The future looks promising, vibrant, and bursting with innovative ideas. The energy and enthusiasm from ASID GATHER 2023 are things we're eager to bring back home and infuse into our local chapter. Our members are the heartbeat of our organization, and we can't wait to share all the knowledge, insights, and future plans we've gathered from this enlightening event.

In conclusion, ASID GATHER 2023 in LA wasn't just an event; it was an experience, a milestone, and a promise of even greater things to come in the world of design. We're revved up and ready for the journey ahead, and we hope you are too!