Celebrating Growth & Community: ASID NY Metro Chapter's Annual General Meeting Recap

On Tuesday, September 26th, the ASID NY Metro chapter celebrated its Annual General Meeting, a confluence of old and new, of farewells and welcomes. Natuzzi Italia played host to the milestone occasion. The brand’s sophisticated showroom provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of connection and reflection.

The event was a lovely moment for the community to gather. Incoming chapter president, Maria Lomanto, eloquently set the theme for the upcoming term: "Grow with us. Bloom with us. Plant new seeds with us!" This theme resonates with our aspirations for growth, collaboration, and the blossoming of new ideas and projects in the design community.

The evening marked the induction of new 2023-2024 board members of the new 2023-2024 board members: Maria Lomanto as President, Cintia Dixon as President-Elect, Isabel Byrnes as Director at Large, Alexandra Zwicky as Communications Director, Michelle Jacobson as Emerging Professionals Committee Chair, and Lindsay Sheroda as Finance Director. Each member brings a fresh perspective and a passion for design, promising an exciting journey ahead for the ASID NY Metro chapter.

While we welcomed new faces, it was also a time to bid adieu to the amazing leaders on our previous boards.. Our heartfelt thanks go to the 2022-2023 President, Elissa Grayer, whose inspiring tenure at the helm has left an indelible mark on the chapter. We also expressed our gratitude to Jana Weill, the 2021-2023 Communications Director, whose visionary approach has been a guiding force in shaping our narrative, and to Melissa Stowell, the 2022-2023 Director-At-Large.

This meeting was not just an annual gathering but a celebration of transitions and continuity, of shared visions and new beginnings. It symbolized the planting of fresh seeds of ideas and the blossoming of renewed energy and commitment within the community. To our departing and incoming members, and to everyone who attended, thank you for making the Annual General Meeting a reflection of the vibrant and evolving spirit of ASID NY Metro. We look forward to growing, blooming, and planting new seeds together in the coming year!