Virtual Holiday Office Party

This year getting together isn’t always possible, especially with work colleagues.  A virtual holiday party doesn’t mean you can’t get everyone involved and create lasting memories everyone will treasure.  We’ve put together a list of our top 5 favorites for a virtual holiday gathering that won’t leave anyone feeling left out!

  1. Host a virtual scavenger hunt

Make a list of items for each person to look for in their home or pick a sentimental item and share why it’s important with the group. Choose what works for you and have fun! And if you needed some help creating a themed scavenger hunt consider Let’s Roam, they can customize your team-bonding experience to unique culture and design challenges to make it unique to your brand. Visit Let’s Roam to get started.

  1. Holiday Zoom virtual roulette

    When sending out your Zoom invite, include instructions to pick a holiday-themed Zoom background.  At the beginning of your video call, pull a holiday-related word out of a hat.  Whoever has a background matching the holiday word wins the round.

            Instructions for virtual backgrounds on zoom

            Holiday themed Zoom backgrounds

  1. Virtual game night

There are so many games to enjoy virtually with family, friends and colleagues. Consider playing: Name That Tune, Bingo, Charades, Jeopardy or even Family Feud.

Let’s Roam can help with this too! With their service, create a custom, expertly planned virtual game sure to get everyone laughing and making memories.  Expert event planners handle all details and logistics, they have their own custom conferencing interface and the game questions can be customized to your company culture.  Visit Let’s Roam to get started.

  1. Progressive holiday story creating

Turn game time into a laughable story time.  Even though the story may end up being total nonsense, be prepared to laugh until your stomach hurts, but that is what makes this game so much fun!

  1. Assign each person a number
  2. State the story theme, such as Mrs. Claus’ kitchen the night before Christmas.
  3. Ask each person to write two sentences on a piece of paper based on the theme.
  4. The host starts the story with 2 beginning sentences.
  5. Call out the numbers in order and each person adds their sentences and so on until everyone has said their part.
  6. End with a final 2 sentences by the host to conclude your progressive story!
  1. Hot chocolate virtual tasting party

    Who doesn’t love hot chocolate for the holidays?  Send out a tasting pack of three or four different hot chocolates to your virtual party guests or even send out homemade hot chocolate recipes.  Taste them together during your holiday virtual party and take a vote to see which one is the crowd favorite.

We hope you find a creative way to make holiday memories safely this season and next year ASID NY Metro hopes we are all together once again to celebrate the season. 

Happy Holiday from the ASID NY Metro Board